What is this all about?

Colorgorize.com is a website which can be used as a inspiration for new color schemes. Thousands of websites can be viewed categorized by colors.

How do I search for a specific color?

If you want to search the database of Colorgorize.com by for a specific color just type in a hex color value into the search field with the leading "#" e.g. "#ffff00".

How do I find similar colored websites to a specific website?

Just type in the name of the website into the search field and click on the link if it is available. On the next page you will find similar colored websites below the website details. If the website is not in the database, please do not hesitate to suggest it here.

How does this work technically?

Colorgorize uses screenshots from url2png. This services allows us to screenshots of almost all website in just a few seconds. As soon as the screenshot is available, the script starts to analyze the colors used on the website. All colors are categorized in one of the 1800 colors sections. Having only 1800 color sections rather than millions of different colors allows us to sum up similar colors and thus, we find similarities quite easily. If you have any comments or ideas, just let us know